Below is an overview of camp policies and other helpful information about Camp Pa-Qua-Tuck. Please take a moment to review these items before your camper arrives.


All dorms have alarms that are set each night after all campers and staff are inside the cabin. Final check at 11:30 PM by administrative staff.

Behaviors & Placement

All questions concerning behavior and “appropriate placement” for camp should be directed to Judy, the Medical Director, and/or Alyssa, the Camp Director, at 878-1070 Ext. 114 or 111. All camp candidates must be interviewed prior to approval. Please call for an appointment.

Any additional information that parents and caregivers have should be directed to the camp.

Bunk Beds

For safety, campers are allowed on bottom bunks only. Staff sleep on top bunk. Hospital beds are reserved for more medically involved children.


For communication purposes, campers are allowed to receive mail and e-mails.


All staff are CPR certified.


Drills are run each week for fire, for a potential “Lost Camper”, weather alerts, and potential intruders. Fire drills are run during training with staff only and within the first 48 hours of each session with campers and staff (NYSDOH law mandate.) Lost camper and other drills are run in training and additionally as needed.


Fifty (50) campers maximum each weekly session.

Financial Issues

All questions concerning financial issues should be directed to the Main Office at 878-1070, Ext. 113. Financial aid is available for those who are qualified – we encourage you to seek that information from the office as well. Also, please ask your broker what is available!

Petting Zoo

Children are accompanied by staff when visiting petting zoo. Area near animals is equipped with hand-washing stations.

Phone Calls

If a child needs to make a phone call home, it can be arranged; however, it is discouraged. Parents may call and speak to office staff daily to receive morning reports after 10AM, but we strongly suggest that you do not call and ask to speak to your child as this can create problems in behavior. Additionally, it can send the wrong message to a child that their departure date is different once they speak to a parent or caregiver.


We strongly discourage sending snacks; however, we will accept special diet food that you may wish to send with your child. Identify session number and your child’s name on each item. We provide all sorts of snacks, and your child will visit the Trading Post every day while they are here for an afternoon snack. No extra money is needed. If you are particular about what foods your child may eat, or in the case of special diets, you may bring labelled (special) snacks to us for distribution at Trading Post time.

Special Nutritional Needs

Special diets are monitored and adhered to as per instructions from Medical Doctor. Parents may speak to our Nursing Staff as needed. Diet orders are from doctor only. Additionally, parents may speak to camp cook and send along snacks (labeled with child’s name and date) if they prefer.


Camper supply list will be mailed before the session begins. If you do not receive one, please call camp 631-878-1070 Ext. 113 to request one. The list is also on the camp website.


1:1 while swimming in pool, no swimming allowed in the pond. All water craft activities require life jackets regardless of swimming ability. Lifeguards are always present at pond and pool.

Telephones & iPods

All technology devices are discouraged. We cannot be responsible for these items. If there is a special communication device that your child uses, please let us know at registration; and arrangements may be made to allow this. You will be asked to sign a release of liability form. If caregivers do not let us know, we will not be responsible for these devices. Please do not send your child with items you have not disclosed.


Although we encourage family participation as a whole, we strongly discourage visits during the camper’s week. This creates mixed messages for the child who may think they are leaving to go home. Call us, send a disposable (one-time use) camera to capture your child’s experience here, and staff assigned to your child will be happy to take snapshots for you to create a memory book for your child. Many schools and workshops will be happy to do this for you as it triggers good memories for children. Children fear less when they understand where they are going and for how long.


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