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A Day in the Life at Summer Camp

The outdoor activities. The lifelong friends. The heartfelt traditions. Every summer at camp welcomes another adventure. Wondering how we fit all the fun into one day? By instilling purpose into everything we do — every day, every summer — with a balanced, structured and scheduled agenda. We plan down to the detail and none of the joy happens by accident. Discover a day in the life at summer camp.

7:30am – Rise and shine!

Waking up is easy for a day filled with fun and excitement. What better way to start the morning than with a Thought of the Day? Campers begin their day focusing on one thought about honesty, caring, respect and responsibility. Reflecting on the thought at the end of the day gives every camper the chance to grow towards becoming their best self.

8:00am –Morning fuel-up.

The breakfast menu fills campers up with nutritious and delicious foods to fuel their action-packed day. Every morning welcomes fresh fruits, yogurt, oatmeal, eggs, cereal and bagels. Main breakfast entrees throughout the week range from pancakes, French toast, and waffles to scrambled eggs and omelets. Protein for strength. Carbs for energy. Ready to start the day!

8:40am – Quick cabin clean-up.

Breakfast in belly, it’s time to make the bed and tidy up the cabin. By taking responsibility for their own space, campers learn accountability, discover independence and build self-esteem. Counselors motivate campers to lend a helping hand, teaching valuable lessons about how their own actions affect themselves and others.

Life at Summer Camp

9:00am – Community contribution.

Part of the tradition and ritual of camp is a strong sense of community. Everyone has a role and responsibility to contribute. Sharing the load helps camp run smoothly for everyone. By learning to work together, away from the digital world of phones, internet and TV, campers develop communication and decision-making skills, independence and confidence.

9:20am to 12:30pm – Activities. Activities. Activities.

Duties completed, campers disperse for an early afternoon of activities. Supervised by counselors, campers select activities based on their interests. Counselors help campers set goals and make concrete progress towards achieving them.

The beauty of camp is its active nature. Campers learn to appreciate the great outdoors, embracing fresh air and physical activity as a healthy habit to carry through life. Nature-themed activities inspire the spirit of adventure, teach the value of teamwork and instill the strength of leadership.

The real benefit of activities happens not outside but inside the hearts and minds of the camper. The chance to practice a skill, grow proficient and enjoy accomplishment builds confidence and character. Challenge to meet new heights and steady, consistent learning helps campers reach the next level.

Daily activities include arts and crafts, woodworking, sailing, archery, climbing, mountain biking, adventure hikes, wilderness experience, nature study, outdoor living and survival skills, sports and waterfront activities including fishing, boating and canoeing, beach games and more.

12:30pm – Group gathering.

Cabin group time is an exciting and special time for campers to get together, discuss important issues, plan upcoming activities and most importantly, build friendships with other campers. Counselor-led group activity creates cabin cohesion and strengthens autonomy. Bonds also develop between campers and counselors. Counselors become positive role models, leaving a major impact on campers’ lives.

1:00pm – Break for lunch!

More than enjoy a meal together, campers gather for extra time to get to know each other. Camp chefs prepare foods young people love, fulfilling requests and even accommodating campers with special diets.

Salad bars complement hot and cold sandwiches. Grill options include hamburgers, hot dogs, turkey burgers, chicken breasts and veggie burgers. Main lunch entrees throughout the week include tacos, pizza, ravioli, chicken fingers, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese and wraps.

2:00pm – Rest, relax and recharge.

Early starts, hectic mornings and fun-filled afternoons can be exhausting. Lunch puts campers in the perfect mood to return to the cabin for a little down time. During this important time to rest, relax and recharge, campers nap, read books, write a letter home: anything mellow and calming. The goal: to get campers ready for more activity.

3:00pm to 4:45pm – Activities continue.

Bellies full and bodies rested, the indoor and outdoor activities continue. Campers gather to learn more valuable outdoor skills and essential life lessons.

4:45pm – Free swim (happy hour).

For most campers, free swim is the best hour of the day. More than just swim, campers can visit the camp store, play sports, lounge in a hammock, purchase snacks and spend more time with other campers in the cabin. Time flies during free swim. Campers, counselors and the entire camp community look forward to this special time of day.

5:30pm – More group gathering.

From counselor-led campfires to capture the flag, campers gather again for more quality time with the group. An important time for campers to sit together, sing, dance, laugh and share in the joy of company, group cabin time is anything but boring.

6:00pm – Dinnertime.

Dinner is delicious at summer camp. Main entrees include lasagna, BBQ chicken, baked ziti, Thanksgiving dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, Italian buffet, burritos and more. Winding down over a hot meal sets the mood for the evening entertainment to follow.

7:00pm – Evening entertainment.

The whole camp gets together for a night of drama performances, themed dances, singalongs, comedy skits, talent shows, music and bead ceremonies, summer camp slideshows and more. Campers learn something new, let off steam and unplug after a day of fun and activity.

9:00pm – Quiet time

Campers shower, brush their teeth, put on their pajamas and get ready for bed. Counselors and campers discuss the day including resolution of the challenge set in the morning. Quiet time is a chance to unwind, reflect and connect one last time before bed.

10:00pm – Lights out

Time for bed. A good night’s sleep is the perfect remedy for another fun-filled day.

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