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How Summer Camp Breeds Strong Planners

Summer camp brings two things to mind: endless fun and warm memories. However, more than just a place to embark on new adventures and build new friendships, summer camp prepares the young mind for something greater: invaluable life skills. Learning how to live with people other than family, resolve conflict, disconnect from technology and appreciate the outdoors only scratches the surface. Threaded into the summer camp learning experience is the critical ability to plan ahead. Discover just a few of the ways summer camp breeds strong planners.

Packing for the Summer

Camp improves planning skills before the summer even begins. Pre-camp packing marks the first true test of a camper’s ability to plan ahead. Gearing up for the wide range of activities ahead means selecting the best clothing and supplies to feel confident and prepared for a given event. What makes pre-camp packing so vital is one simple fact: whatever the camper leaves behind, stays behind. Campers learn first-hand the meaning of responsibility and accountability. Even with the help of a parent or adult, packing teaches invaluable decision-making skills: a key character trait of strong planners.

Making (and Keeping) a Schedule

Scheduling activities presents two opportunities for stronger planning. First, campers dabble in the decision-making process by narrowing down a world full of fun and options to a schedule of activities to pursue. Second, campers weigh the logistics of navigating the chosen schedule to make the most of the camp experience. After signing up for activities, campers learn to consider both the immediate future and the days and weeks ahead. Planning ahead ensures a smooth process once activities begin, reducing stress and creating more room for enjoyment.

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Preparing for the Day

Getting ready for the day requires more than just breakfast and a shower. Every waking moment, from the early morning to bed time, welcomes another opportunity for fun and excitement no camper wants to miss. Planning ahead ensures the day runs smoothly, minimizing wasted time and more importantly, missed opportunities for fun. By planning their days before leaving the bunk, campers get the most from the experience. Campers learn to appreciate time-management as a key component of stronger planning.

Putting on a Show

The age-old tradition of talent shows, comedy skits and drama performances remains a summer camp favorite. Campers love showcasing their talents and skills for just a few bunkmates or the entire camp community. Delivering a performance without a hitch requires plenty of planning, organization and especially time management. Putting on a show means carving out time in the busy camp day for creating routines, designing costumes and practicing performances. Campers learn to plan together while building the skills to excel at school and work.

The Best Place to Plan

Young adults who master planning ahead perform better in school, at work and in daily life. Strong planners excel at taking on school projects, college applications and any of life’s curve balls. Starting the day with a plan reduces stress and promotes success. Combing close friends and limitless fun, summer camp is a better place than any to learn the critical life skill of planning ahead.

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