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April Distancing Post

multi colored phoenix drawingTo our camp community;

Throughout these uncertain times, you and your family have been on my mind, and I hope you are all safe and well. As many of you know I walk the grounds here at the camp several times a day with Spencer (our camp pup).  Each day I remind myself of something to be thankful for and each day I acknowledge how grateful I am to be working and living among all of you.

I have held off communicating with you so that you can focus on your family during this unusual time. I am in awe of the energy and enthusiasm that teachers and service providers everywhere have shown as they work tirelessly to bring learning into your home. Our first responders, health care providers, food service workers and countless behind the scene essential warriors have been going above and beyond to get us through these trying days and the many more to come our way.

And now parents and caregivers, you are taking on the role of many ensuring that your children are thriving during these times.  I hesitate to use the word survive as you all go beyond merely just surviving.  We can see all the comments on Facebook, in the news, on texts, through Zoom and other platforms on how everyone is trying to make the best of an incomprehensible situation.  The support out there is boundless.  These are truly challenging times, and never have I seen a community come together so seamlessly to take care of each other with love, compassion and optimism.

These challenges are showing us we can get through this and our strengths are being showcased on a daily basis.  Heroes can be found in everyone around us as we unite to face these complications together.

I’m sure you have questions about summer camp as social distancing requirements stretch closer to summer. We do too.  At this time, camp is still two months away, and we are planning as best as we can. The safety of you and our entire camp community is, and always will be, the priority. Therefore, while no decisions have been made to change the current program line-up, be assured that updates will be communicated to you in a timely fashion. We are all working diligently to prepare for whatever comes our way.

Near our pond here at camp, we have a carved wooden phoenix.  This phoenix has tremendous meaning to me and Spencer on our daily walks in light of our current situation.  Seeing this statue just reminds me that we WILL rise from this and take our experience with us to create a stronger, healthier and more mindful community.

I am grateful for the trust you place in us each summer and am looking forward to seeing you and your family once this situation has resolved. Sending my warmest wishes for good health to you all.


Alyssa Pecorino

Executive Director


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